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June 6, 2023

Python Variable Exercises

  • Explain what the console is?

  • Why is Python called a high-level language?

  • What does the print function do in Python?

  • What does this print function prints in the console?

                    print('Welcome to my program!')
  • What is a string in Python?

  • print How are you doing today? in the console.

  • Print Your feedback matters to us! in the console.

  • What does case sensitivity mean in Python?

  • Complete the print function.

  • Why do we use comments?

  • Does Python prints the text?

                    # print('Hello, its me!')
  • We want to disable this line temporarily, so let’s comment it out.

                    ''print('Welcome to our application!')
  • Print Thank you kindly! in the output.

                    ""('Thank you kindly!')
  • Debug this code.

                    print('Python is awesome!'""
  • Python Exercises for Variables

    • If you’ve faced difficulties with these exercises, take a look at Variables Module on my Python course.

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    Happy Coding!
    Behnam Khani