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September 3, 2023

Python Sets Exercises

  • What is the output of this code?

                    my_set = {1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5}
  • Suppose you are building an e-commerce platform, and you want to keep track of unique product categories. Initially, you have a set of existing categories. Let’s say:

    product_categories = {“Electronics”, “Clothing”, “Home Decor”, “Books”}

    Now, a new product category, “Sports & Fitness,” is introduced to your platform. Add it to the set of existing categories.

                    product_categories = {"Electronics", "Clothing", "Home Decor", "Books"}
    product_categories.''("Sports & Fitness")
  • Let’s consider a task management application where you have a set of assigned tasks for a project. Initially, the set contains several tasks. For instance:

    assigned_tasks = {“Task 1”, “Task 2”, “Task 3”, “Task 4”, “Task 5”}

    Now, let’s say that “Task 3” has been completed and you need to remove it from the set.

                    assigned_tasks = {"Task 1", "Task 2", "Task 3", "Task 4", "Task 5"}
    assigned_tasks.''("Task 3")
  • Let’s imagine you are building a quiz application, and you have a set of questions for a particular category. Initially, the set contains multiple questions. For instance:

    questions = {“Question 1”, “Question 2”, “Question 3”, “Question 4”, “Question 5”}

    Now, when a user starts the quiz, you want to randomly retrieve and remove a question from the set.

                    questions = {"Question 1", "Question 2", "Question 3", "Question 4", "Question 5"}
    random_question = questions.''()
    print("Random Question:", random_question)
    print("Remained questions: ", questions)
  • Suppose you are developing a bookmarking application where users can save their favorite websites. You are maintaining a set of URLs representing the user’s bookmarks. Initially, the set contains several bookmarked URLs:

    bookmarks = {“”, “”, “”, “”, “”}

    Now, let’s say a user wants to clear their bookmarks, either because they want to start fresh or they no longer need their saved websites.

                    bookmarks = {"", "", "", "", ""}
  • Python Exercises for Sets

    • If you’ve faced difficulties with these exercises, take a look at Sets Module on my Python course.

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